I remember my very first camera. My mom gave it to me for my 6th birthday. And, while I can't describe the (plastic) model to you, I can describe the incredible feeling of excitement when getting back my first roll of film and reliving what I had captured. And now, even though my camera is digital and I can see what I shoot instantly, the feeling is still the same.

Photographing moments in people's lives has provided me with the opportunity to feel truly connected and participate in other people's love stories. I am lucky enough to shoot a little of everything related to love - from newborns and families, to engagements and weddings. It is my pleasure to capture the love that exists with whomever is in front of my lens...including my poor husband and 3-year-old boxer Murphy. (They're really used to me following them around with a camera!)

A few fun things about me...

In my mind, I'm 5'9". But in real life... I'm 6'2". Flatfooted.

I am a candy connoisseur with a slight sugar addiction.  Okay, it's a full blown addiction - admitting it is the first step to recovery, right?

I think Boxers are the best breed of dogs and I have the pup to prove it.

I always knew my husband was for me because he let me call him "Bubba" from the very start.

I actively participate in Goruck events and recently climbed a 14,000 foot peak in Colorado. Our family credo is taken from the Navy SEALS..."The only easy day was yesterday."

I have a total obsession with street art and will go to extreme lengths to capture it.

I strive to find beauty in the moment, beauty in the big picture and beauty in the details. It is my goal to surface this throughout all of my photographs.