A Fall Sunday with the F Family

This fall shoot was what I hope for every fall - just full of perfect colors!  This little man has the greatest blue eyes ever, Mom wore the perfect shade of pink, the green grass and fall foliage were all amazing!  

Baby C was so great and loved having Sophie the Giraffe sit on my lens and squeak!  He had the best coat and hat combo I have seen all fall and can we talk about his shoes?!

Anyway, F Family - thank you for having me with you on this perfect fall day!


A Blustery Day with the B Family

Mom and I had originally planned on meeting at The Glen but within just a few clicks of my shutter, we knew we had to move locations to somewhere less windy!  The post-Halloween winds were still so blustery that they were making eyes water, noses red, and smiles disappear! Once we found a new "secret" location and had a blast!  These three boys are so fun - never a dull moment!  They were so interested by the nature around us and really loved their new shoes.  Thank you to Mom and Dad for being so flexible with timing and location and being willing to travel to such a great backup spot!

Here are a few photos from our family session:

The Perfect Fall Day with the S Family

I first met Taffi at the gym during a training program we were doing for Murph Day.  She's one of the toughest girls I know and I admire her desire to continuously better herself.  She is open and funny and loving and everything you'd want in a friend.  And can we please talk about the adorable-ness of her son (whom she refers to as "The Dictator" and herself as "The Life Giver" - Taffi, you really need a blog...)?!  He melts my heart. So for our family shoot, we decided to keep it close to home and went to a local park to play in the leaves and on the jungle gym.  There were fall colors, vintage trucks and so many gorgeous smiles.  I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do - LOVE YOU T & K!!!